Our Focus is Social Media

Since its inception in March 2010, Talking Finger was created with a single purpose: To focus on and become the authority on Social Media Marketing. We believe this is the only way an agency can keep up with the continual, almost daily changes that occur in this fluid, growing marketing sphere. New social platforms are created, others become less viable, and strategies that were successful today are soon antiquated.

Because of our focus, we are able to continually find new avenues to market your business or organization, all while continually refining current initiatives. This is paramount to creating successful social media marketing strategies and initiatives. Understanding where your target audience is makes the difference between spending inordinate amounts of time on social platforms, and streamlining the efforts for increased ROI.

Our strength is in our continual research and education. We never stop learning, we never stop pushing the boundaries, and we never stop experimenting with our own social platforms to be sure that what we do for each and every client gives them the best of what is available. We feel this experience gives us a strong advantage over most other agencies.

Talking Finger's deep roots in traditional marketing gives us the ability to create social media strategies that are in synergy with all current marketing initiatives. So while we focus specifically on social media, we are well versed and understand the traditional marketing world.

We do not offer "cookie-cutter" solutions. We are fully dedicated to the individual and unique needs of every single client we build a relationship with. Every page we build, strategy we develop, and marketing initiative we launch is specifically geared towards individual goals. So what are your goals? Let's talk.


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We are a fully staffed social media marketing agency, with the ability to produce all elements right here, in house. Graphic design, coding, strategy development-everything is done internally with our talented crew of designers and marketers, all available at any time to answer your questions and produce results.

A few of our services include:

  • Social Network Selection and Development
  • Platform Customization and Branding
  • Complete Social Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Integration of Social and Traditional Mediums
  • Social Media Training, Consultation, Education and Public Speaking
  • Networking and Cross Promotions
  • Graphic/Visual Design
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Blog Campaigns
  • QR-Codes

We work on all social platforms from Facebook
to Pinterest to Google+.
Some basic examples of what we do:


  • Page Creation and Customization/Branding
  • Landing Pages, Apps, Enhancements
  • Website Integration
  • Shopping Carts
  • Marketing Initiatives


  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Education
  • Marketing Initiatives

Mobile Marketing

  • Yelp, FourSquare, Facebook Places
  • Badges, Coupons, Rewards & Reputation Management



  • Channel Creation and Customization/Branding
  • Channel and Video SEO
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Marketing Initiatives

Pinterest, SlideShare,
Google Plus & More

  • Profile Creation and Development
  • Education and Training



  • Profile Optimization
  • Professional Profile Development
  • Education and Training


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About Us


Founded by two close friends with thirty years combined experience in traditional marketing, Talking Finger has grown from two guys in a pool cabana with Scooby-do scented markers and a white board planning and developing a company, to a full service social media marketing agency.

Talking Finger was officially born in the late spring of 2010, after the idea to fill a need for a service that was just beginning to be understood by the rest of the world. Erik and Bill realized early on that social media services such as Twitter, Yelp and Facebook, had explosive marketing potential. They wanted to take that power and use the skills they had acquired from traditional marketing to create a new type of company, a Social Media Marketing agency.

Since then, Erik and Bill have expanded exponentially, building a talented staff of graphic designers, coders and marketing specialists that create a dynamic and enterprising group of people that are professional, educated and fun.

Talking Finger has provided services for a wide range of businesses and organizations around the world, from non profits, to large corporations, professional sports teams, small businesses, entrepreneurs and municipalities .

Everyday we are excited to wake up to new challenges that may await us and the feedback from so of many  clients who have chosen Talking Finger to help them get their message heard.


Meet the Principals

Bill DeRosa:

William has been involved in the advertising/marketing field for twenty-two years. He is highly experienced in branding, many forms of marketing-both online and off, trade show displays/graphics, and other various forms of traditional media. However, he is unfettered by the traditional mindset, and his ability to see beyond the here and now is a solid foundation for the new world of Social Media Marketing.

His focus is not only to understand trends in social media marketing, but to become a trendsetter. He brings this comprehensive approach to businesses, organizations, municipalities and non-profits he works with, as well as anyone else who wishes to learn about this fundamental shift in how we communicate, build relationships, and increase brand awareness. In the end, the goal is to generate a stronger bottom line.

He is a public speaker and available for conferences or symposiums where he engages audiences and generates value to those attending. He has also begun work on a book.

William is Principal of Talking Finger, a marketing agency which focuses specifically on social media marketing. Along with his team, he creates full social marketing strategies, develops integration with current and traditional initiatives, and customizes platforms as a developer for Facebook and other platforms.

Talking Finger can also fulfill traditional marketing product and service needs such as trade show displays, graphic design, printing, public relations, branding, website/SEO and more with a vast network of close strategic partners and associates. This allows William and his company to give you a full service marketing team, with each member an expert in their specific field.

Feel free to reach out here on LinkedIn to connect and engage with William, and to learn more about Talking Finger, please visit their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/talkingfinger

Erik Granato:

I have been involved with advertising and marketing for about 20 years. I have been involved in various forms of marketing in my career. I have developed successful direct mail and print campaigns as well as success in web marketing.

My time in branding and marketing and my experiences from building companies marketing plans has helped me create a solid foundation for the next generation of marketing, known as social media marketing.

My focus is to keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing, monitor your reputation and evaluate the newest smart phone apps and websites to develop a scalable plan that will deliver your message to your target audience. I enjoy creating strategies for social media presence, and watching the companies which utilize it properly, grow.

Social media marketing is also so fluid...so ever changing, that I love to discuss it. I do not propose to know everything (I can't image anyone pretending they do in this industry) because of this rapid change. I am constantly thirsting to learn more, so please feel free to let me know if you have ideas or initiatives that have worked. I also love to create new connections and networks.

Visit and "like" my Facebook page, blog and YouTube channel, and subscribe to my Twitter to learn more about me and my company

I love social media marketing, I love what I do. Is there anything more?

Feel free to reach out here on LinkedIn to connect and engage with William, and to learn more about Talking Finger, please visit their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/talkingfinger

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News and Accolades

"The Talk" About Talking Finger

Click to read The Latest Article about Talking Finger

Our Latest article published in the CT Post on how to use Social Media to gain the upper hand when seeking a new job.

To download a .PDF version click here.


To see the article about us published in the Business New Haven Magazine, click here.

...Some companies that are starting to incorporate social media as part of their business strategy might believe merely setting up a Facebook page will attract customers, say a pair of entrepreneurs who caution against such thinking.

"You cannot just build something and hope they will come," says Erik Granato, who along with business partner Bill DeRosa officially launched Talking Finger as an LLC in October 2010. Their enterprise helps companies delve into social-medial marketing by developing a plan to attract potential customers to social media sites, effectively interact with them and, ultimately, add and keep them as loyal consumers...

To download a .PDF version click here.

Staffieri for Mayor 2011
You guys are the best!! The race in Derby was targeted by the Dems for a win. But through our valiant efforts on Facebook we held the line and talked 38 people into voting for us instead of the opponent.

I knew we weren't going to get a landslide just from using social media. Like you guys said, over and over, I was mostly talking to myself out there. (Luckily I amuse myself so it was fun, haha). But, that we won by that tiny, little margin ... guess what? ... that's a win as big as a mile. In politics a win is a win. Without facebook, without you guys ... wouldn't have happened.

But I wanted to send this to you first because you guys are the BEST of the BEST!

See our Connecticut Post interview here: 


See our Valley Independent interview: here: 

  CT Post Article 6/19/2011
Thank you guys for a great job with my Facebook page and web page. You did an amazing job and I could not have done it without you!
Glad to have been a part of the seminar this morning! Looking forward to the FB 201 seminar to make the tweaks to help grow my page!!!
Thanks again for your help today. You always point us in the right direction - thanks!
Sleepy Hollow Landscape & Design, LLC
Talking Finger ads another success story to the list. Sleepy Hollow Landscape & Design has successfully used social media marketing to increase its' new business offering snow removal from roof tops throughout lower Fairfield County. One FB ad and post have added at least another 10 new clients to our list. Thanks for the assistance."

William E. Purcell,
 President, Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce:

"It is with great pride and pleasure that I am writing in support of two valued and dynamic Chamber member companies: Talking Finger and 203 Communications and offer my highest recommendation for each.

Talking Finger, founded by the team of Bill DeRosa and Erik Granato , has quickly established itself as a leading expert in the growing and evolving field of Social Media Marketing.   Bill and Erik have helped countless numbers of companies to design and implement sophisticated marketing strategies by harnessing the power of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and foursquare. Over the past several months, Bill and Erik have brought their unique brand of marketing expertise to the Chamber and our small business members by hosting a series of training seminars that have earned them rave reviews not only for their technical content, but for the helpful and supportive manner of the principals.

203 Communications is a full-service marketing and advertising firm offering Web, Photography and Print services to a growing list of satisfied clients including Il Palio Restaurant, RD Scinto, Inc. (real estate) and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers professional hockey team, to name a few.  Led by the team of Andrew Venditti and Dan Zaniewski, 203 Communications has emerged as a formidable force in their industry and like Talking Finger, one of the Chamber's most admired entrepreneurial companies.  Outside of their business interests, Andrew and Dan have both exhibited strong civic leadership here in the Naugatuck River Valley of Connecticut, whether it be in their roles as officers of the Volunteer Fire Department in their home town of Seymour or as active members of the Chamber's Young Emerging Professionals organization. When viewed independently, these two companies bring a wealth of talent, passion and skill to their work and their clients.  When viewed together as partners on a project, they would be nothing short of "dynamite".

Young Emerging Professionals
(YEP):  "Need help with your Facebook presence for your business? Learn how to leverage Facebook to stay in touch with your current clients and more importantly to generate new business! The guys at Talking Finger have a great seminar lined up to help give your business an online presence. Don't you want to start 2011 on the right foot? Sign up for Talking Finger: Facebook 101, Creating a Business Page Seminar today!"
Franklin Management:
Nice job, guys! Quite a job to get so many people of differing skill levels and interests through the Facebook maze, well done. Thanks"
Medical Bill Detectives:
 "Hey guys great job..........we appreciated your interest in helping us launch the page...your tips were very helpful.......and I believe you guys know your stuff"
Mountain Laurel Environmental:
"Mountain Laurel Environmental would like to thank Bill DeRosa and Erik Granato at "Talking Finger" for helping us set up our new Facebook page. They were tremendously helpful. Please visit and "Like" their Facebook page. And don't forget to "Like" Mountain Laurel's page, as well, to make it easier for us to keep in touch."Mountain Laurel Environmental (Part 2): "I just wanted to say that I found the Facebook 201 seminar this morning tremendously helpful. In particular, the sections regarding privacy settings and promoting the page were truly eye-opening. Thanks guys."
Wilder Baker:
Another informative seminar this morning; thanks guys!"

Visiting Nurse Association of South Central Connecticut:
 "Thanks for your help today with the VNA Facebook account! Speak to you soon about setting up a meeting. Thanks again!"


"Bill & Erik - thanks for your time today. We learned so much in 90 minutes!"

Realty Quest:
 "Realty Quest: "Many thanks to Eric Granato for a great presentation about Social Media for real estate at RealtyQuest's Lunch N'Learn event today. Very informative and inspiring!

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Contact Us

Email: generalmail@talkingfinger.com
Phone: 203-491-0306
Located in Oxford CT.
Owners: Erik Granato and Bill DeRosa
Founded: March 2010

Meet the Principals

Bill DeRosa
Erik Granato